We sat down with startup marketer Dave Gerhardt of DGMG Jobs to chat about his booming B2B marketing job board.

What's the story behind DGMG Jobs?

V1 of the job board was a Google Doc. It was a test and it worked really well -- I think we generated ~$10k in job postings just from the Google Doc. So I knew it was something that had to be explored and built out further.

Why launch a job board for your audience?

The whole premise of DGMG Jobs is to help marketers find a marketing job that they actually want. There’s way too many entry level roles that require 6 years experience, but encourage applicants fresh out of school. You see what I’m saying?

There’s a lot of bad jobs out there, so I wanted a forum for my audience to explore real marketing job opportunities at companies that they know, trust, and want to work for.

Why choose Niceboard?

After I had the initial success with the Google Doc, a friend of mine sent me a few ideas for scaling the job board. I had seen a clip from the My First Million podcast about using Niceboard and it was super easy. So I bought it and it was perfect.

Then I just had a designer add some images to make it match my brand, and promoted it out to my audience. Simple.

How do you monetize your job board?

Companies that want to promote their new roles to my audience can choose one of two paid options:

  • The first allows them to post a role on DGMG Jobs for one month for a set fee of $99.
  • The second allows them, for $200 extra, to have the job highlighted at the top of my site as a featured role AND promoted in my newsletter, social feeds, and in the DGMG Community Facebook group.

What's your favorite thing about Niceboard?

The ease of use is the big thing, both for me and job posters. Super simple to get setup and get your job listings live. I also love the look of the site. Very clean.

What are some of the best positions you've seen on your board so far?

I don’t like to play favorites, but there’s been some great ones.

A lot of manager titles come in every week i.e. Sr. Manager, B2B Integrated Marketing @ SmileDirectClub. I’ve also seen some really high-ranking positions (like VP Marketing @ Bemo) come through every now and again.

There’s a good mix of everything.

Best/Worst part of being a B2B marketer?

Best: The best part is just that I get to spend all day talking about something I’m genuinely passionate about. I love marketing and find it really fulfilling to help people hone their marketing skills and grow their careers. Plus, I get to learn from them. That’s the great thing about marketing. You can never know everything. There’s always something you can be better at.

Worst: Too much jargon. I exit out of the tab if I see the word synergy.