All of our Pro and Business customers now have the option to easily earn commissions from new Niceboard customers referred to us through their job board.

Here are the details of our new customer affiliate program:

If you're looking to supplement your jobs-generated revenue, you now have the option to seamlessly opt-in to our affiliate program and earn commissions on each new customer who signs up through your job board.

To do this, simply head over to your admin panel, under "Manage board" > "General" > "Board Settings". Here you'll notice a new setting labeled Enable affiliate earnings:

The new affiliate setting in your dashboard

Turning this on will show a tiny "Powered by Niceboard" link in the footer of your job board (see example on DesignerJobs) with a unique tracking code associated to your job board.

Any time someone clicks that link and signs up for a new subscription on Niceboard, you'll receive a commission equal to that customer's first full monthly payment.

For example, if a new customer signs up for a Business plan through your job board, you'll receive a commission of $279. Similarly a new Pro customer will get you $179 and a new Essential customer $129.

These commissions will be payed on a net 30 basis and deposited directly inside your connected Stripe account. Pre-tty sweet!