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Unlock the value in your network

You've worked hard to build up a group of passionate individuals in your niche: now you can unlock its value with a job board.

Incredibly fast & simple setup

Launch your job board in under 10min with our intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard.

Seamless integration with your website

Easily link your job board to your existing domain name for a seamless integration.

Tools to monetize your community

Connect a Stripe account and easily sell jobs and candidate access to employers with built-in e-commerce features.

Your board, your brand

Customize our modern theme and offer a great job hunting and posting experience to your members.

Set it and forget it

Our job board is self-serve and low maintenance: simply promote it to employers and watch the jobs and revenue roll in.

Real time reporting

Stay on top of your job board's newest sales, jobs and employers with at-a-glance real time data.

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For your community

Create an automated revenue stream by charging employers to post jobs and access talent.

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For job seekers

Offer a delightful job hunting experience and help your network with its next career move.

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For employers

Allow employers to easily fill open positions and proactively source talent from your community.

Create an automated revenue stream

Leverage the favorable economics of self-serve job boards.


In earned revenue across all job boards

Average job sells for


Average jobs to profitability

2.2 jobs

Average time to profitability

1.5 mo

Estimate what you could earn with Niceboard

= $3,225 per month


Trusted by leading communities

Niceboard powers niche communities around the world.

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Niceboard has given me a scalable, no-code way to run a job board. I've done minimal tech work, and the job board has generated six figures of revenue.

Dave Gerhardt, Exit Five

The simplicity and the fact that it gets out of the way is the joy of it. It does the job it’s supposed to be, and it does that very robustly.

Joe Glover, The Marketing Meetup

Niceboard makes it easy to start earning revenue quickly. It’s easy to use, easy to customize and is the cornerstone of our business."

Jimmy Daly, Superpath

Managing the job board via Niceboard takes up such little time of my time that I can do it with only 1 hour/day.

Martyn Redstone, Bot Jobs

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