Problem: Joe, the founder of the Marketing Meetup, understood the demand for niche jobs in his community. After doing it the manual way and listing individual jobs in his newsletter, he needed a more robust platform.

Solution: Looking at WordPress plug-ins first, Joe decided to go with Niceboard's “customizable but unbreakable” job board platform –because it simply does the job it's supposed to do.

Impact: The Marketing Meetup job board, not only generates additional revenue but positively impacts marketers around the world by connecting them with actually desirable marketing jobs.
Seeing the direct connection between what the community is offering and members getting a job through the job board is the most fulfilling thing for me.

Joe on why he chose Niceboard over a WordPress plugin



A seasoned marketer himself, Joe knew from his own experience that finding great jobs in the industry is not always easy. Being subscribed to newsletters specifically for jobs made Joe think that there was an opportunity.

So he started listing some initial jobs in the Marketing Meetup newsletter to test if his intuition was right. The results?
The job postings were the most clicked links in the newsletters. Plus, members started reaching out to get their own jobs posted.
Quickly, it became clear that there was indeed a massive demand for marketing jobs from his engaged community.

What started out as a manual process of listing individual roles in his newsletter was about to change into something better and much easier…


But Joe didn’t just want to start another job board. So he took a stand to make this job board a better resource for his thriving community of marketers: No more jobs with the salary listed as ‘competitive’. Instead, all jobs posted to the Marketing Meetup show a transparent salary range. A differentiating feature that his community loves!

While he looked at various plug-in options for his WordPress site, Niceboard won him over with a responsive support team and an unbreakable platform.

Niceboard’s simple but good-looking interface ticked 99% of Joe’s boxes–making it the ideal partner to bring his vision of a better job board to life.

The simplicity and the fact that it gets out of the way is the joy of it. It does the job it’s supposed to be, and it does that very robustly.


Today, the Marketing Meetup job board generates four-figures in revenue and is used by 45k+ of the greatest marketers in the world.
Apart from the additional revenue, the community founder’s favorite part of his job board is the sense of fulfillment he gets when someone lands a job through the board.

With its job board, the “positively lovely community” not only helps educate and connect marketers, but actually changes peoples' lives by connecting them with great career opportunities.

An additional benefit of Niceboard for Joe (compared to a WordPress plug-in) is the direct access to our responsive team. We are here for support, feature requests or general feedback.

Niceboard is good looking, simple to use, clear and customizable but not breakable. It's a great product!