Features for job seekers

A seamless and delightful job hunting experience.

Beautiful, easy-to-use experience

Niceboard comes with a beautiful design that makes browsing through jobs a breeze, whether on desktop or mobile.

Instant filtering

Filter jobs by keywords, job type, location or job category and get instant results through our dynamic filtering technology.

Quick Company preview

Hover over a company logo and quickly preview that company's information, motto, website and twitter links, allowing job seekers to learn more without leaving their job search.

Jobs email alerts

Offer job seekers daily or weekly email alerts including your newest jobs.

Automatic jobs pages

Let job seekers browse jobs any way they like, with automatically generated custom pages for each of your job types, job categories, cities and companies.

Features for employers

Delight your employers and convert them into loyal customers.

Simple job posting

Minimize friction with our optimized posting flow for better conversion and happier customers. No need to create yet another account to post a job.

Easy and secure payments

All payments are processed with Stripe, the leading payments processor for online payments, for a simple and safe payment experience.

Custom Applications

Let employers choose to accept applications through a link to their listing or directly through an email contact.

Modern job listings

Job postings can include text, images and even video, allowing employers to put their best foot forward when looking for talent.

Job board administration

Great admin tools to run your job board business.

Admin Dashboard

Niceboard's intuitive admin dashboard shows lets you manage all aspects of your board, from pricing, to appearance and SEO.

At a glance, real time stats

Stay on top of your business with front-and-center, real time stats about your newest sales, jobs, employers and more.

Accept online payments

Accept online payments by linking your account with Stripe, the leading payments processor for online payments, for a simple and safe payment experience.

Manage Employers and Jobs

Let employers choose to accept applications through a link to their listing or directly through an email contact.

At a glance, real time stats

Fully customizeable board

Customization & Design

Make your board stand out with unique customization options.

Beautiful base theme

Niceboard was designed to have beautiful base theme that will look good any way you tweak it.

Custom Logo and Colors

Upload your logo and choose from a range of colors to have your job board stay consistent with your brand.

Custom Banner Image

Choose from our default gradient banners or upload your own custom banner image for maximum visual impact.

More Theme options

Customize your navigation bar with light or dark options, and choose from light or bold font styles.

A customized job board

SEO & Marketing

Niceboard is optimized to help you rank with search engines.

Automatic jobs pages

For optimal ranking with search engines, Niceboard automatically generates custom job pages for each of your job types, job categories, and job locations.

Custom page titles and descriptions

Niceboard includes SEO-friendly page titles and descriptions by default, but you can also customize these to any value you choose.

Automatic Sitemaps

Niceboard automatically generates sitemaps including all of your website's pages, job pages, job categories and locations to ensure search engine discoverability.

Google Jobs

Niceboard integrates with Google job search automatically. No additional steps are needed to index your job postings.

Integrated Blogging (Pro)

Niceboard offers an integrated blogging platform for you to write and manage articles and blog posts to display on your job board for optimal content marketing.

Add an integrated blogging section to your job board

Example of an integrated blog post

Hosting & Security

Putting reliability and data safety at the forefront.

Cloud Servers

Our enterprise-grade cloud hosting ensures that your job board loads quickly and reliably for customers anywhere in the world.

Continuous Update Releases

Whenever we add new features or improvements to Niceboard, your job board is automatically updated.

Auto Backups

Our scheduled automated backups keep your data safe at all times.

Free SSL certification

Niceboard provides SSL certificates for your domain at no extra cost to you to ensure maximum security compliance by encrypting all data traffic.

And much more...

Dozens of features to help you run your job board.

No code required

Create your own job board with a few clicks, no technical skills required.

Easy to set up, easy to use

Set up and manage your job board in a matter of minutes with our easy-to-use dashboard.

Customizable Theme

Start from our modern base theme and customize the copy, colors and imagery to fit your brand.

Your own domain

Easily link any domain name to your job board and have your job board live at its own address.

Search Engine Optimized

Our job board is optimized to be SEO-friendly to improve your chances of ranking high in search engines' results.

Mobile first

All of our themes were designed to be mobile-first to ensure a great browsing experience on every device.

Custom Pricing

Create and instantly apply your own pricing scheme for job listings, along with custom discount coupons.


Use Google analytics on your job board by simply adding your GA account ID or include your own custom tracking code.

Email alerts

Offer job seekers the ability to subscribe to get the newest jobs delivered straight to their email.

Job Categories

Organize your job listings by categories you create, and let job seekers filter jobs by category.

Custom Navigation

Create your own custom navigation to link to your blog, social media, or any other sites.

Code Integrations

Insert custom HTML, Javascript, and CSS in any or all of your job board pages.