Problem: With mass-layoffs in the music industry, the niche SaaS and community platform ROSTR needed to revolutionize the music industry yet again. This time with a modern and easy to use job board. Because music industry-focused job boards sucked.

Solution: After considering highly customizable no-code and plug-in options, Niceboard emerged as the ideal platform. Beautiful base design, easy setup and e-com like features to sell job postings.

Impact: Today, Jobs by ROSTR provides their 23,000+ community members a fast and modern alternative to outdated job boards; with vetted job listings from desirable companies and exceptional resources to break into the industry and thrive.


In an industry that is know to be very analog in their collaboration, ROSTR helps connect music industry professionals through the world's fastest, largest & most up-to-date music industry directory.

After a year of mass-layoffs, people in music industry were hurting more than ever, struggling to find the connections (and vetted jobs) they needed.

But conventional music industry-focused job boards suck. It’s hard to find the right kind of jobs, posted jobs are not kept up to date and the user experience is terrible.

ROSTR as a brand already was a trusted source in the industry. So as the natural next step in his mission to bring the music industry closer together, the CEO of ROSTR, Mark Williamson decided to provide a modern and easy to use job board to their 23,000+ members. And to the whole industry.

What about music industry-focused job boards? They suck. Hard to drill down to the right kind of jobs. Jobs that were often expired. The design/UX is terrible.


In a cluttered market of no-code tools to build job boards from scratch, Niceboard stood out with its best-in-class design, just the right amount of customization and e-com like features making it easy to run a profitable the job board.

While considering to use highly customizable no-code tools or plug-ins, Mark found Niceboard to provide the perfect plug and play solution providing him with just enough flexibility to build a job board matching ROSTR’s aesthetic and ease of use.

✅ Visually beautiful platform with ability to customize–just enough
✅ Superior value to no-code or plug-in options
✅ Monetization-first approach

Without having to build a platform from scratch, it took the team only one week from finding Niceboard to launching their own job board with 20+ hiring partners.

We’re very picky about aesthetics. Niceboard offered that blank canvas, where we could make it look really good. Plus the features that are offered within the platform sold us on it.


Today, Jobs by ROSTR is the fastest, most modern & free alternative to the dated tech the industry is used it. A music industry job board that doesn’t suck.

Just like ROSTR's original platform, their job board makes the music industry more accessible to newcomers and seasoned expert alike.

Niceboard’s impact goes beyond a simple job board, acting as an important feature to their membership base. The job board provides huge value to their community of industry professionals, promoting closer connections in the industry.

Within their first 6 months, Jobs by ROSTR has become the go-to job board for the industry, making it easier than ever to find verified jobs. The job board has been so successful, that ROSTR decided to hire a dedicated team member to manage the board.

Too often it's too hard to find the right people. To make connections. To break through. We want to help change that.