Challenge: Superpath, a content marketing community, recognized the need for a job board as a central part of their offering. Initially testing the concept on a Notion page, they looked for a more robust solution to manage jobs as scale.

Solution: Niceboard offered a professional job board platform that manages payments and data while integrating with the community's brand. It allowed for hands-off management and an easy to use interface.

Impact: The job board today generates significant revenue with minimal effort, earning Superpath a total of $111k. It has also helped the community grow to 20k members, driving traffic and value.
We've made a total of $111k dollars on the job board. That's a lot of money. A lot of money that we would not have made otherwise. So that's a really nice chunk of revenue for us.

How Niceboard helped the niche community grow to 20k members



Launching his content marketing community Superpath in 2020, the owner Jimmy Daly, knew that a job board needed to be a central part of it. Because one of the main reasons people come to the community is to hire and get hired.

The success of an initial Notion page to post and find jobs proved that a job board for the community is a viable business model.

However, building a job board from scratch with a developer turned out to be very costly, especially considering payment processing and data management challenges.

As the business owner, my favorite thing is that it's pretty hands off. I don’t really have to do anything. It does the payments, people can manage their accounts, they can apply, hire. If we had tried to do this ourselves it would have gotten really old, really quickly.


Niceboard was the obvious choice and by far the best (looking) solution for Superpath. Our platform offered a professional look and handled payment processing while taking very little time to manage it.

The new job board seamlessly integrated with the community's branding and domain. Jimmy appreciated that Niceboard's owner was receptive to his needs, implementing requested features such as embedded video Q&A sessions with employers.

Beyond having employers post jobs and freelance gigs, Superpath also used the job board to source freelancers for their content marketing services.

We were making 6-7k on the job board every month, no problem. I didn’t even do anything. The jobs were just getting posted and people were getting hired.


The Niceboard-powered job board was the community's very first source of revenue and added value to the membership. Even their first customer came through the job board.

  • Revenue generation: Compared to other revenue sources, the job board stands out with hands-off management while generating up to $7k/month. Over its lifetime, Niceboard helped Superpath earn $111k.
  • Community & traffic growth: The job board was a driving factor for the community's growth, helping it expand from 1,000 to 20,000 members. Many of these members joined because they were looking for a content marketing role on the job board.
  • Central hub for jobs & freelance gigs: Niceboard is now Superpath's single source for jobs, providing an easy user experience for job seekers and employers. With over 70k website visitors on the job board, it is a significant source of traffic to the community.

Why the job board is an important part of the community