So you've started a newsletter. You're beginning to have a decent following but the subscriptions are still not bringing in enough $ for you to quit your job and go all in. How can you fast track your way to freedom?

Create a job board!

DesignerJobs: a job board powered by Niceboard

Niceboard empowers newsletters and niche communities like yours with our modern, beautiful software to set up their own turn-key job board site in just minutes! And the best part is: you don't need to know how to code.

What's a job board?

A job board is a website listing jobs in a particular niche; it's a platform where job seekers and employers meet. There are job boards for Engineers, job boards for Designers, job boards for Medical Staff... you get the idea.

OK, but how does this help me make $?

Now that you've grown a audience in your niche, you have direct access to self-selected experts in your niche: a percentage of that audience is looking for jobs.

In short: 1) list jobs in your niche, thereby adding value to your community 2) sell job listings to employers interested in promoting their jobs to your community.  

What's the value in a job board?

Setting up a job board is a great way to:

  • Add value to your audience with targeted jobs in your niche (whether that's Hospital jobs, Tech jobs, or Finance jobs, or whatever makes sense for your audience: the narrower the better)
  • Create a new source of revenue for your business: with Niceboard, you can process payments from day 1, allowing you to sell job postings to employers (individual listings go anywhere from $49 to $299).

Some of the teams/companies in my audience might be hiring, but they are not reaching out and advertising in the newsletters. How do I get them to post on my job board?

I would reach out to the teams/companies in your audience and try to develop relationships there. A great way to start those is to offer a lot of value in the beginning, so maybe consider having free listings, or offering deep discounts with coupons, to get the ball rolling.

In the beginning, I'd also consider potentially sourcing relevant jobs from other sources, and including them on your job board & newsletter: they key here is to start offering value to your audience because once your job seeker audience expects jobs and derives value from what you're offering, all you have to do is go to the other side, aka employers, and say "hey, I've got an audience of 20k C# developers looking for jobs, do you want to post?" The answer becomes obvious at this point.

Where do I find employers actively hiring and how do I convince them to list their job on my site instead of something like.. [Big Corp] or some other possibly free sites?

The main argument to convince employers to post on your job board vs [Big Corp] is the following: your newsletter's main selling point is actually its size. Any employer can post on Indeed, Ziprecruiter, Monster, but what ends up happening is they get flooded with candidates, and a lot of those are not relevant: in other words, there is a lot of "noise" in the signal.

You, on the contrary, have an audience of experts that have self-selected themselves to read newsletters about a specific topic: employers are much likelier to get quality candidates from such audiences.

How do I get started?

Ready to monetize your community? Start your own custom job board in under 10 minutes with Niceboard!