Challenge: Renew’s church leaders lacked a reliable platform to find ministry jobs and talent that align with their mission. And the existing church job boards were outdated and difficult to use.

Solution: With Niceboard, Renew found a fast, customizable solution without paying a developer. With Niceboard's user-friendly interface and support, Renew successfully filled the gap in their community.

Impact: Today, the Renew job board is an important resource for church leaders, offering up-to-date job listings. The revenue generated from job postings supports Renew's mission and helps drive more aligned people to their community.

Jason on maintaining an up to date job board via pricing plans



Renew is an association that serves as a hub for church leaders and individuals associated with churches. But their community of over 22k individuals and 300 churches was missing a reliable platform to find ministry jobs and talent that aligns in their mission.

All existing church job boards were outdated, with obsolete job postings and inactive profiles. An additional challenge was finding a suitable job board platform with the ability to add custom question fields for applicant and employer profiles, ensuring alignment in beliefs and values.

While they considered a custom-coded job board, it became clear that an out-of-the-box solution was much better value…

The most important feature was being able to set up a custom questionnaire. And Niceboard was the only platform that had a way to manage that without a lot of extra coding or custom work.


Renew chose Niceboard for its fast, turnkey setup and easy customization options.

With Niceboard, they successfully integrated the custom questionnaire into their job board without the help of a developer. Jason Henderson, Renew’s COO, appreciated the platform’s user-friendliness and helpful customer support.

Even though revenue was not their priority, the ability to set different pricing plans helped Renew to keep all job listings fresh and relevant.

Niceboard is really a hands-off way for us to provide a job board that stays relevant and fresh.


Church leaders around the country are using the Renew job board as their up-to-date place to source candidates. Plus, the job board provides a hands-off revenue source for Renew.

  • Supporting their church community: Renew built the #1 job board for Non-reformed Protestant church leaders and churches, attracting members for the association. Niceboard’s features ensure that jobs remain current and relevant.
  • Faith-aligned community: The custom questionnaire facilitated better alignment between employers and potential hires. It saves everyone involved time and resources by ensuring compatibility in beliefs and values from the outset.
  • Revenue & traffic generation: While not a primary focus, the revenue generated through job postings supports the mission of the non-profit and helps drive more people to their community.