Challenge: AIA Colorado, a chapter of the national architecture association, wanted to connect architects and firms with job opportunities while generating additional non-dues revenue. Their existing manual process was slow, and they needed a more efficient solution.

Solution: Niceboard provided a flexible job board platform that seamlessly integrated with AIA Colorado’s brand. It allowed for different membership tiers, easy setup, and simplified management, saving time and effort.

Impact: The job board today generates significant revenue on minimal staff time, earning them $50-100k annually. It’s also the #1 hub for architecture jobs in Colorado and beyond, a valuable resource for architects and firms alike.

Learn how AIA Colorado's job board contributes significant revenue with minimal investment, while empowering 3,500+ members with career growth opportunities.

We are a non-profit, so if you can get $50-100k/year coming in with minimal staff time, that’s a huge win. It’s big.
Jon on the value of the AIA job board…


AIA Colorado, a leading architecture association, wanted to help connect their 2700+ emerging professionals and established architects to relevant job opportunities; all while looking to expand their revenue stream.

Before Niceboard, AIA Colorado didn’t have a job board. Instead, they manually received job listings via email and posted roles on third-party sites, which was a cumbersome process. Realizing the costs associated with posting jobs on other platforms, AIA Colorado decided to take a calculated risk and create their own job board…

What I like about our job board is that for our members it looks and feels like AIA Colorado but we’re not hosting it. It takes a lot of technical work off my hands.


Niceboard was the perfect fit to help achieve AIA Colorado's objectives. Our platform's flexibility allowed for tiered pricing, accommodating both member and non-member firms seamlessly.

Their new job board seamlessly integrated with AIA Colorado’s brand identity. Jon, AIA Colorado’s Communications & Creative Director appreciated that Niceboard provided him with just the right amount of customizations available, such as own domain, logo, and header image to ensure that users felt like they were in the right place.

Unlike other highly customizable software solutions that feel like starting from scratch, Niceboard took the technical work off his plate, making it fast and simple to set up without compromising on brand alignment.

I appreciate how the job board doesn’t take a lot of time to manage. It’s like watering a plant. Once in a while I check in Niceboard if everything runs smoothly and that’s it.


With annual revenue ranging from $50-100k solely from the job board, AIA Colorado found unparalleled success in monetizing their platform while creating a local hub for architecture professionals and firms.

  • Non-dues revenue generation: Compared to other revenue sources, the job board stands out with hands-off management and minimal staff time investment. Set it and forget it; with occasional check-ins taking up around 2hrs/week for Jon.
  • Industry insights: The job board serves as a marker of the local architecture economy. Through insights from the job board and further surveys, AIA Colorado can offer specific insights into the job market for job seekers and employers alike.
  • Local success: Despite being part of a larger national organization, AIA Colorado’s job board stands out as a unique success. It demonstrates the power of a well-executed solution designed for the local industry, independent from the national AIA. Being able to offer their 2700+ members a way to grow their careers is no doubt increasing membership value.

Niceboard’s job board simplified AIA Colorado’s job posting process, generates substantial revenue, and strengthens the architecture community. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

For us the job board has been a total win. It’s also a great way to feature and connect members who are seeking jobs AND it generates significant revenue.
Jon on the job board benefits for their members…