Problem: After being involved in the recruitment technology industry for over 18 years, Martyn wanted to build his very own solution to give back to a burgeoning community of AI/chat bot professionals struggling during the pandemic.

Solution: His priorities being ease of use and minimal admin time, Martyn chose Niceboard to launch “bot-jobs”and never looked back since December 2020.

Impact: bot-jobs has grown to be the #1 job board (and community) for conversational AI & chatbot talent and employers servicing over 20,000 applications.

When I first launched my Niceboard job board, it took me less than an hour. It was so ridiculously easy to use.



With the pandemic hitting in 2020, the recruitment technology community was struggling with employment. Martyn knew then that he needed to set up a service to help others find a job in chatbots and conversational AI.

Even though AI is a hot topic today, back in 2020 the conversational AI community was basically non-existent. While people were losing jobs in the industry due to the pandemic, Martyn knew he wanted to build a solution to give back to a burgeoning community of professionals and help them through the pandemic.

So in June 2020, he set about creating something new…

There was an opportunity to make the experience better for both employer and applicant, build a community around it, monetize it, of course, add some conversational AI.


With Niceboard, Martyn found his perfect solution to connect AI talent with employers, build a thriving community of niche professionals and monetize his growing community.

✅ Ridiculously easy to use
✅ Set up and launch in less than one hour
✅ Built in blog feature to drive traffic

With 18+ years of experience creating recruitment technology products and solutions, Martyn knew the immense investment involved in building a job board himself.

Instead he looked for a plug-and-play platform specifically built for niche job boards. And he found all this with Niceboard and never looked back. He especially loves Niceboard’s ridiculously easy to use UI and constant feature updates.

With Niceboard, he was able to set up & launch his job board bot-jobs in less than an hour. It is ridiculously easy to use–especially for his community of job seekers and employers.


Today, bot-jobs is the #1 job board and community in conversational AI & chatbot connecting 1000s of specialist in the industry with employers.

Using Niceboard takes up such little time, that Martyn can earn revenue with only investing 1 hour/day in the platform.

But that is not all! Martyn wanted to create a whole ecosystem that is about finding or helping his community’s careers in conversational AI and chat bots. So in addition to his engaging job board, Martyn drives qualified traffic through Niceboard’s built in blog feature, his newsletter, website and LinkedIn–making bot-jobs the heart of this business.

Niceboard is truly so easy to use and manage. Plus, I’m delighted that new features are continually being added to the board that make my life easier.