Problem: After a successful 2022 in the tech industry, the niche SaaS business set out to create an additional revenue stream, and more importantly: a valuable community of niche professionals to be monetized.

Solution: After detailed research, Niceboard emerged as the perfect solution, offering the best “bang for their buck”, ease of use, and a visually pleasing platform.

Impact: Their job board became profitable within the first quarter. But beyond revenue, DevRel Careers is also the central hub for internal job listings and an additional value proposition for their clients.

“We’ve had lots of success from the job seeker side. Today we have more than 4,000 job seeking subscribers and it’s growing on an ongoing basis. ”

Annika on why every SaaS should build their own job board…



After testing various ways to build additional revenue and value for their business, the idea of starting a niche job board stuck. operates in a very niche market, providing technical content aimed at software developers and professionals in the tech industry.
However, no dedicated platform to connect professionals in Developer Relations and Developer Marketing with employers existed. So’s operational manager Annika set out to find a way to support their niche community while creating business value…

"If we chose a competitor, we would have payed more than $1,000/month."


In the otherwise overpriced job board software market, Niceboard stood out with exceptional value, allowing to build a profitable job board without expensive developer or subscription costs.

While contemplating to build a platform from scratch, Annika found Niceboard to provide much better value, including rich features and the ability to customize the interface without spending tens of thousands on a custom developer-built platform.

✅ Visually beautiful platform with ability to customize
✅ Best value in otherwise overpriced job board software market
✅ Profitable within the first quarter

The platform's ease of use allowed them to quickly set up and launch their job board, reaching profitability within the first quarter. Niceboard's smooth and uncluttered experience, coupled with filters for remote roles also proved superior to other options in the market.

"Niceboard provides not only the best value, but the interface is visually more pleasing, the functionalities are better and it’s really easy to start a niche job board."


Today, the Dev Rel Careers job board is an incredibly valuable resource for the SaaS business. Not only does it generate additional revenue, but it also built a niche community of highly experienced professionals in their industry, with potential to be monetized even beyond the job board.

Within their first year, the Dev Rel Careers job board has connected 4,000+ specialists in the industry with employers. Job seekers love the easy use of the platform.

Niceboard's impact extended beyond monetary gains, providing the extra benefit of having a contact list of industry professionals. The job board also became a central hub for internal job listings, offering additional value to both current and potential customers.

Their community of experienced professionals will be serving as a valuable marketing resource for future promotions of their SaaS business.

Annika on the value of their job board beyond revenue...