Challenge: Relying on an internal association job board that wasn’t user-friendly meant wasting time (& money) on manually posting jobs, dealing with user complaints and having a very limited pool of employers and candidates.

Solution: To address these challenges, AICAD turned to Niceboard, a user-friendly and cost-effective job board platform. AICAD was able to transition from an outdated job board to a modern, externally-facing platform in less than a week.

Impact: AICAD’s job board expanded the non-profit's reach and is now the #1 hub for jobs in art and design education. The platform's easy interface and attractive design appealed to both member and non-member schools posting roles.
Thanks to Niceboard, our job board lives and grows on its own. I don’t have to micromanage it or spend much time running it.
And employers pay for it.

How Niceboard made Ryan’s life easier…



Before switching to Niceboard in 2022, AICAD (Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design) had an outdated job board that was time consuming to manage and limited to their 37 member institutions, with complicated form-based applications.

For Ryan, Assistant Director, Programs and Operations at AICAD, the process of manually posting jobs was inefficient, wasting valuable resources. The existing job board was clunky and lead to numerous complaints from users. Roles were only published and seen by their member schools, limiting the ability to attract top talent.

With the vision to become a central repository for art and design education jobs, Ryan pitched the idea of a public job board…

With the old job board, I was wasting so much time manually posting jobs, because the employers couldn’t figure out the platform. Since switching to Niceboard, I haven’t had to post a single job, which is something I used to do multiple times daily, for years.


Enter Niceboard, the game-changer job board platform AICAD needed. With its user-friendly interface and best value pricing, Niceboard was the perfect all-in-one solution.

Other job board platforms focused primarily on internal use or only offered a full-website solution, coming with a hefty price tag that simply didn’t aligning with AICAD's budget. Niceboard's exceptional value means that AICAD can provide free job postings as a member benefit without breaking the bank.

As a hub for art and design education jobs, the platform's beautiful and modern design was a priority. The fast and non technical setup made it possible to launch their new job board within the week.

Other solutions felt way too technical than they needed to be. I appreciate that I didn’t have to go through a complicated setup to get the job board launched. We got it up and running in less than a week!


With over 70 educational institutions that posted 600+ jobs, AICAD's job board is the go-to destination for arts and design education job opportunities.

Niceboard paid for itself in no time. By eliminating the need for manual job postings and streamlining the recruitment process, AICAD was able to save valuable time and resources.

With the talent pool feature, AICAD found a new ways to provide value to member institutions and nurture industry talent in academic programs by connecting them with mentors.

But perhaps the most important change was having a hands-off job board that lives and grows on its own.
No more micromanagement.
No more manual job postings.
No more wasted time.
So AICAD can focus on what truly matters: supporting and advancing arts and design education.

Ryan on the economics of the job board…