Problem: Working with an outdated job board meant spending hours dealing with user complaints, not being able to make even small changes or access user data to report to stakeholders.

Solution: For non-profits like United Way of Greater Houston, every dollar counts. So when it came to deciding for an easy to use and feature rich job board platform at an accessible price point, Niceboard was the natural fit.

Impact: The United Way of Greater Houston community job bank has become the #1 largest job board of non-profit agencies posting open positions in the U.S. For the administrator, the switch to Niceboard has decreased time spent on the job board platform by 90%.
“Compared to the job board we had before, the difference is night and day. The new board looks 1,000x more professional and we get almost no user complaints anymore.”
Robert Chitty from United Way of Greater Houston on Niceboard saving him 8 hours/week


Before switching to Niceboard in 2023, United Way of Greater Houston had a custom, but outdated job board that was difficult to use for the agencies posting jobs and time consuming to manage for the administrator Robert.

Complaints were piling up and Robert spent up to 15 hours per week on technical support requests from frustrated users. He was lacking the ability to track and report performance metrics to his superiors or make changes to the platform.

So with the mission to connect people in the Greater Houston Area to (employment) opportunities, Robert set about finding a better solution…

“Words cannot describe how much easier my life is after switching to Niceboard. The job board used to be a huge headache and that headache has gone away. Everything just works!”


With Niceboard, United Way of Greater Houston found the perfect solution meeting all their needs–exceptional value, ease of use and rich features.

Taking their responsibility of being stewards of donor money seriously, the organization put a lot of thoughts into finding the very best job board provider. After seeing many insufficient solutions, Niceboard ticked all the boxes. With its user-friendly interface, professional look and easy setup, it was a natural fit!

Their collaborating non-profit agencies have provided nothing but positive feedback about the new community job bank and are delighted by the ease of use.

“While I usually have to put together a very detailed plan for purchases, once the stakeholders saw Niceboard, everyone was immediately on board.”


Just 4 months later, the United Way of Greater Houston community job bank is the 1# job board of non-profit agencies posting employment opportunities in the U.S.

✅ #1 visited page on the website
✅ Freed up 8 hours/week of administrative work
✅ Connected 166+ non-profit agencies with job seekers

For Robert, the switch means saving almost 8 hours/week previously spent on managing the job board and dealing with unhappy users. Save to say that Niceboard is saving him some headaches and a tremendous amount of time he gets to dedicate to other things!

His favorite feature might just be the real time analytical dashboard, facilitating him to share insights to the board of directors within minutes.

With over 166 non-profit agencies on board and 4,300+ job applications accepted within only 4 months, the community job bank is the #1 visited page on the organization’s website–and appreciated by everyone involved.

“Everybody comes to our website for our community job bank.”