Challenge: The nationwide staffing company Lyneer relied on costly third-party job platforms to source candidates. With the objective to keep costs down while maximizing visibility of their jobs, they set out to build their own job board.

Solution: Niceboard provided superior SEO optimization and affordability, seamlessly integrating with Airtable for streamlined applicant processing, saving Lyneer valuable time and resources.

Impact: Lyneer saw a significant increase in applicants, with over 20-25% of candidates coming from their new job board alone. In addition to owning the applicant data, Niceboard also seamlessly integrates into their website.
Niceboard looks really good. It’s easy for somebody with no experience to post jobs. You can have blogposts and integrate with social media. Niceboard is our Swiss Army Knive of attracting talent, not just a job portal.
Matt Robbins from Lyneer Staffing on why he prefers Niceboard over other job software


Lyneer, an established nationwide staffing company with 25 years of experience, faced a critical challenge: getting more eyes (and applicants) on their job postings.

The costs of using third-party platforms like Indeed and ZipRecruiter to source candidates quickly became costly, putting a strain on their budget. With no owned job board in place, Lyneer faced challenges in optimizing their spend, especially for roles with few openings.

They needed a solution that would allow them to post jobs cost-effectively while not compromising on visibility…

We aren’t breaking the bank to source candidates anymore. Niceboard is way better value than Indeed.


Instead of building a custom job board, Lyneer turned to Niceboard, a powerful job board platform designed for staffing agencies.

Our intuitive interface, social media integrations, blog, and lightning-fast posting capabilities made it the Swiss Army knife for attracting talent, reducing steps and accelerating the staffing processes.

  • Cost-effective: By switching to Niceboard, Lyneer reduced their expenses by 99.5% in comparison to third-party sites, while maintaining visibility.
  • SEO optimized: Unlike custom-build platforms, Niceboard excels in search engine optimization (SEO). When job seekers look for specific positions, Lyneer’s listings on their own job board stand out in Google, driving more relevant traffic. This level of visibility was unmatched.
  • Easy to automate: Niceboard seamlessly integrates with Airtable, streamlining their application process. Posting a job on Niceboard only takes 15 seconds. No manual data entry, no wasted time, which is still the case with Indeed.
The thing we like about Niceboard the most is that our job board pops up in Google before any others do. You can’t beat that.


Lyneer saw a significant increase in the number of applicants, with 25% of candidates coming from Niceboard alone, thanks to our optimized keyword search.

In the past year, they received 7,000 applications and collected job seeker data from 10,000 accounts.

Unlike other recruitment applications, where data ownership remains unclear, Niceboard ensures that our customers, like Lyneer, own the applicants' data to be used for product or marketing insights. For example, a salary database for specific regions or roles.

The ease of use, seamless integration with their existing website, and focused value makes Niceboard one of Lyneer’s favorite products. If you’re looking to maximize applications for your staffing agency without breaking the bank, Niceboard is the answer.

Matt Robbins on Niceboard saving company resources