In today's rapidly changing job market, non-profit organizations and associations face unique challenges in attracting and retaining talented individuals who are passionate about their field.

That’s why your organization needs a proprietary job board specifically tailored to your industry. A job board can be an extremely valuable asset for your association, boosting member acquisition and retention, building relationships with employers all while generating additional non-dues revenue.

Niceboard empowers associations and non-profits like yours with our modern, beautiful software to set up their own turn-key job board site in just minutes! And the best part is: you don't need to know how to code.

1. Increase member acquisition, retention and engagement

One of the primary benefits of a job board for non-profit organizations and associations is the positive impact it can have on their members. By offering access to relevant career opportunities, you can provide tangible value to your members, increasing acquisition and retention rates, in addition to fostering a sense of engagement.

When members have access to career resources and jobs tailored specifically to their industry or field, they are more likely to stay connected and engaged with your organization. They can easily find job opportunities that align with their interests and career goals, making them feel supported and valued by the organization. This sense of support and value is crucial in retaining members and ensuring their continued involvement.

Additionally, an owned job board can serve as an exclusive members-only benefit, further incentivizing individuals to become part of the organization's community. By offering a unique benefit like a job board, organizations can attract individuals who are serious about their professional development and are willing to invest in a membership. This can help boost member acquisition rates, ultimately growing your organization as a whole.

2. Drive traffic to your site

The presence of a job board can drive traffic to your association's website as both members and job seekers visit the site to explore available opportunities. This influx of website visitors not only increases your organization's visibility but also presents an opportunity to showcase other valuable resources and initiatives you are involved in.

"Everybody comes to our website for our job board; it’s the #1 visited page on [United Way's] site."

- United Way of Greater Houston

3. Generate non-dues revenue

Non-profit organizations and associations often rely on dues and donations to fund their mission-driven work. By creating a job board you can tap into a new source of revenue that is not reliant on membership fees or contributions.

How does it work?
Employers looking to hire talented individuals within your industry are paying a fee to post job openings on niche job boards like yours. The fee can be a one-time charge or a subscription-based model where the employer pays a certain fee per month or year to access the job board's services.

By charging for job postings or access to your members, associations like yours can generate non-dues revenue that can be reinvested into programs, furthering their ability to make a positive impact in the community.

4. Use job seeker success for marketing and PR messaging

Every successful job placement through your organization's job board is not only a win for the job seeker but also for your organization. By leveraging these success stories in marketing and PR content, your non-profit can showcase the tangible impact on individuals' lives.

For members, securing their dream job can be a life-changing event; one that your organization's job board facilitated. Not only does this create a positive connection to your association in the member's mind, but it also serves as a powerful testimonial that can attract new members who are seeking similar success.

When members share their success stories, it not only highlights the value of your association but also showcases your organization's commitment to supporting your members' professional growth. Furthermore, potential donors and supporters are more likely to contribute to an organization that has a proven track record of helping individuals find meaningful employment.

5. Build relationships with non-profits and employers in your industry

The non-profit sector is built on collaboration and solidarity. By creating your own job board, your organization can extend a helping hand to other non-profit agencies in your industry by offering to promote their job openings to your member base.

By posting jobs from employers in your industry, you can strengthen the bond within your industry and expand your network of potential allies and connections. You can negotiate mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations, ultimately leading to a stronger collective impact on the communities you serve.


By improving membership retention, acquisition, and building relationships with other industry actors, a job board can add immense value to your associations’ career development centre, unlock new opportunities and make a significant impact in your sector. All while generating additional non-dues revenue for your association.

Consider the immense potential that a job board holds for your organization, and take the first step towards a more successful future, for you and your members.