By offering a job board, associations can help their members stay up-to-date on industry trends and job openings, while also providing a platform to connect members with relevant industry jobs to develop their career.

Investing in a job board can help associations support the career development and growth of their members, ultimately strengthening member acquisition and retention, benefiting your association as a whole.

Niceboard provides associations with turn-key job board setup and administration to maximize your revenue potential and unlock the value in your members.

How supporting your members benefits your association:

  • Association reputation: Supporting members enhances the association's reputation, positioning it as a trusted ally and resource within the industry or community. And members finding a job through your associations will be more likely to recommend your association to peers.
  • Increased member loyalty: By providing valuable career support, associations strengthen member loyalty, reducing attrition rates and promoting long-term membership. Supported member actively participate in association activities, events, and initiatives. Members are happier and retention increases.
  • Increasing membership: Satisfied members will advocate for your association, attracting new members through word-of-mouth. Your own job board also helps position your association as a career hub in your industry, making the association more appealing to individuals considering membership.

The Role of Associations in Member Career Development

1. Access to job opportunities

By providing a platform for job postings in your industry, your association can connect members with relevant job openings in their field. This not only helps members advance their careers but also strengthens the association's relationship with its members. Additionally, having a job board can attract new members who are looking for career development resources and opportunities.

2. Providing resources for professional growth

In addition to a niche job board, your association’s job board can offer members access to a variety of career development tools. This can include resume writing tips, interview preparation guides, and networking opportunities. By offering these resources, associations can help their members stay competitive in their careers and achieve their professional goals.

With Niceboard’s built in blog feature, your association can provide members with targeted career tips specific to your industry–all in one platform.

3. Networking opportunities

Networking opportunities are crucial for career development, and a job board can provide just that. By having a job board, members can connect with potential employers and other professionals in their field. This can lead to valuable connections and even job offers.

The benefits of having a job board for member career development

1. Increased engagement and retention of members

By offering a job board for member career development, associations can increase engagement and retention of their members. Members are more likely to remain active and engaged in an association that offers resources and opportunities for career growth. This can lead to increased satisfaction with the association and a greater sense of community among members. Additionally, members who find new job opportunities through the association's job board are more likely to remain members and recommend the association to others.

2. Additional non dues revenue for the association

Your association’s job board can also serve as an additional revenue stream for your association. By charging employers to post job openings on the board, associations can generate income that can be used to fund other initiatives and programs. This revenue can also help offset the costs of maintaining the job board and other member benefits.

Furthermore, a job board can attract new members to the association who are interested in accessing job opportunities and career development resources, ultimately increasing the association's overall revenue and membership base.

3. Enhanced member value proposition

By offering a job board for member career development, your association can enhance its member value proposition significantly. Members will appreciate the opportunity to access job postings that are tailored to their industry and skillset, and they will see your association as a valuable resource for their career growth.

By providing this service, your association can differentiate itself from other industry organizations and demonstrate its commitment to supporting members' professional goals.

4. Opportunity to showcase association's commitment to member career development

Having a job board on your association's website is a tangible way to demonstrate your commitment to member career development. By providing a platform for job seekers to find relevant job opportunities, you are showing that you understand the challenges facing your members and are actively working to support their professional growth.

Key Features of an Effective Job Board for Member Career Development

Explore a live association job board: AIA Colorado Job Board–powered by Niceboard

1. User-friendly interface

A user-friendly interface is crucial for any job board to be successful. Members should be able to easily navigate the site, search for jobs, and apply for positions.
Providing a streamlined and intuitive user experience will encourage members to use the job board regularly and increase the chances of them finding their next career opportunity through the association.

A job board built with Niceboard provides a delightful job seeker experience for your members with best in class design and simple administration for you.

“Words cannot describe how much easier my life is after switching to Niceboard. The job board used to be a huge headache and that headache has gone away. Everything just works!”

- United Way Greater Houston

2. Customizable search options

Customizable search options are a crucial feature of any job board, and they can greatly enhance the user experience for job seekers. By allowing users to filter job listings based on criteria such as location, industry, and job type, a job board can help them quickly find the opportunities that are most relevant to their interests and qualifications.

3. Integration with your association's website

Integrating a job board with your association's website allows members to easily access job opportunities and career development resources in one centralized location. This can increase traffic to your association’s website, hence benefiting your membership numbers.

For United Way, the job board is their #1 visited site, making it a huge driver of website traffic and engagement.

4. Automatic job alerts for members

Job alerts and notifications are a crucial feature of any job board, and they can be especially beneficial for association members. By setting up job alerts, members can receive notifications when new job opportunities that match their interests and qualifications become available. This not only saves members time and effort in their job search but also keeps them coming back to your job board and website.

With Niceboard, your association can offer job seekers the ability to subscribe to get your newest jobs delivered straight to their email–without you having to lift a finger.

Niceboard's built in email capture form

5. Resume and cover letter upload capabilities

Having the ability to upload resumes and cover letters directly to your association's job board can greatly benefit your members. This feature allows job seekers to easily apply for positions without having to navigate through multiple websites or email their documents separately.

Niceboard allows job seekers to submit their resume, and personal information directly through your job board. Our partnership with TopResume also allows your job applicants to receive a free resume review.

The potential impact on association growth and success

Investing in member career development is crucial for associations to remain relevant and valuable to their members. By providing a job board, associations can offer a platform for members to find job opportunities within their industry, connect with potential employers, and advance their careers. This not only benefits individual members but also strengthens the association's reputation as a hub for professional development and networking.

Additionally, a job board can attract new members who are seeking career growth opportunities, ultimately increasing the association's membership and revenue.

Overall, investing in member career development through a job board is a win-win situation for both the association and its members.

It's time to take action & start a job board for your association.

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