Enter your own job board.

Rather than relying solely on the job site giants Indeed and LinkedIn, creating a job board specifically for your own firm can offer you a competitive advantage.

Let's explore the top five reasons why staffing and recruitment companies should seriously consider starting their own staffing job board.

1. Cost-effective hiring without compromising on visibility

Many staffing firms have become dependent on large job boards for sourcing talent and they pay the price, with up to $400k/year for access to only one major job board. Relying solely on those third-party platforms like Indeed and ZipRecruiter is costly, especially for roles that have few openings.

Starting your own job board, on the other hand, lets you avoid these high costs while still reaching a wide pool of qualified candidates. By investing in a user-friendly and intuitive job board platform with a monthly fee of $200-500/month, will help you save money from day one.

"We aren’t breaking the bank to source candidates anymore. Niceboard is way better value than Indeed."
- Matt Robbins, Lyneer Staffing

Plus, you have control over the branding and messaging of the job board. A more personalized approach can lead to stronger connections with job seekers who align with your client's needs, resulting in more successful hires in the long term.

One of Niceboard’s staffing clients reduced their expenses by 99.5% moving from using only third-party sites to launching their own job board, while increasing the total number of applications. Sounds too good to be true?

2. Keyword search optimized & access to Google for Jobs

In the staffing industry, it’s all about maximizing the number of eyes (and applications) on your jobs. Winning on the SERP (search engine results page, for example Google's) will significantly increase organic, high-intent traffic to your roles. This means traffic from candidates specifically looking for [your niche] jobs.

By being able to utilize relevant keywords, meta tags, and optimizing your job postings for SEO, you can increase your chances of ranking higher on the SERP. A job board built on job board software like Niceboard's automatically optimizes your listings, excelling in the SERP position. When job seekers look for specific positions, the listings on your own job board will stand out. This level of visibility is unmatched.

"The thing we like about Niceboard the most is that our job staffing board pops up in Google before any others do. You can’t beat that."
- Matt Robbins, Lyneer Staffing

Your own job board also lets you tap into Google for Jobs, an incredible source of free traffic that most staffing firms are missing out on. The increased visibility can lead to more job applicants, ultimately benefiting your clients and your company.

3. Save time with automations

Automation is key to streamlining your recruitment process and saving valuable time for both your staffing company and the job applicants.

By having your own job board, you can integrate various tools that automate tasks such as resume screening, applicant tracking, and interview scheduling, for example via Zapier or Airtable. This not only saves time and reduces manual errors but also enhances the overall candidate experience.

Most job board providers seamlessly integrate with third-party tools to streamline application processes and allow bulk job importing via API. Posting a job on your own job board will only take 15 seconds. No more manual data entry (like on Indeed), no more wasted time.

4. Automatically collect (& own) data

When your staffing firm operates its own job board, you'll have complete control over the data collected during the application process. This is not the case with most major job boards or recruiting applications.

Owning and controlling your data gives your company a competitive advantage in the staffing and recruitment industry, such as:

  • Maintaining candidate relationships. Managing your job seeker data in a central place like your job board prevents a common issue from happening: Individual recruiter turnover and the connected loss of candidate relationships they fostered. Instead, you can use past candidate profiles for future staffing contracts.
  • Selling products from collected data. Applicant data can provide valuable insights into candidate preferences, hiring trends, and industry-specific data to be used for products or marketing insights. You can, for example, sell a salary database for a specific region or role.
  • Monetizing access to job seeker profiles. Once you enable job seekers to create profiles and submit resumes, you will have collected invaluable data to sell to employers via gated access to your CV database.
    Your job board can act as your e-commerce business in the recruiting world: Beyond selling access to your talent pool, you can display ads on your board or nurture affiliate relationships.

5. Fast setup for temporary staffing and project-based hiring

Having access to your own job board means being able to set up a custom board tailored to your recruiting niche, rapidly.

If you specialize in temporary staffing or project-based hiring, having a blank canvas job board ready to go allows you to display those short-term job opportunities in a matter of minutes. An out-of-the-box solution like Niceboard enables incredibly fast & simple setup with an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard.

Building vs. buying job board software for staffing firms

Starting your own job board may seem like a daunting task. And you're not wrong. Data management, hosting, embedded analytics and integration with your existing website can become really complex, really quickly. This is why most staffing companies opt for a plug and play job board platform.

Three more benefits of buying vs. building a job board:

  • Cost-effective, fast solution. Ready-to-use job board software provides staffing firms with pre-built features and easy customization. You will save time, reduce development costs, and have access to ongoing support and updates from the software provider.
  • Scalability. As your staffing firm grows, software can easily accommodate increased traffic, job listings, and user interactions without requiring major overhauls or disruptions to your operations.
  • Real time reporting and analytics. Plug and play job board solutions usually come with built-in analytics tools that provide valuable insights into the performance of your job board, such as application rates, newest jobs, and candidates.

If you’re looking to maximize applications for your staffing agency without breaking the bank, your own job board is the answer.