Creating a job board specifically for your church can be a real catalyst for positive change.

We’ll explore the challenges, benefits, and steps to take in order to create your very own church job board for your community.

Challenge: Addressing unemployment in your community

Unemployment rates continue to rise, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for individuals to find suitable employment.

As a church (association), you have the chance to provide hope and support to those in need. But by creating a job board, you can help your church members actually find work and re-start their careers.

Having a financially strong community will not only help keep up financial giving to churches and ministry organizations, but it can also transform entire families by alleviating the stress of financial insecurity. And there's more benefits to having a church job board.

Benefit #1: Source faith-aligned talent by owning the platform

“The other pain point we were trying to solve with our job board was ensuring faith alignment. A lot of the churches in our association were raising the hand and saying: “We’re having a really hard time. Even if we find qualified candidates, we can’t just assume our views are aligned.”

- Renew Church Association

The benefit of sourcing church candidates with your own job board is having complete control over the platform. This means you can ensure that talent aligns with the values and beliefs of the hiring church.

This is not only important for the organizations looking for employees but also for job seekers, making sure that the work environment matches with their beliefs. It saves everyone involved time and resources to establish compatibility in beliefs and values from the outset.

Controlling the platform also gives you the flexibility to tailor job postings to resonate with the unique characteristics of your church community. You can highlight the importance of service, compassion, and integrity in job descriptions, attracting candidates who not only possess the necessary skills but also embody the core principles of a specific faith.

By fostering connections in your community, your church not only strengthens your congregation but also promotes a culture of hope and support in difficult times.

Benefit #2: Attract new members to your church

A job board is not just about finding employment; it can be a tool for member acquisition and retention. By providing a platform that offers relevant job opportunities, you attract individuals who may not have considered joining your church otherwise. Remember, discovery usually happens online.

A job board will also drive traffic to your church’s website, increase visibility, and create potential for new relationships to form.

Once they become part of your community, members are more likely to stay and engage with other church activities.

Your support in finding employment is a reflection of your church's commitment to helping its members succeed in all aspects of their lives. This can enhance the overall reputation of the church and attract more individuals who are seeking not just a place of worship, but a supportive and inclusive community that cares for its members' well-being

In addition to listing jobs, your job board can also act as a hub for helpful job seeker resources, for example:

  • Resume and job interview training material
  • Links to further job search, vocation, and apprenticeship sites
  • Local support organizations for those in need
  • A list of local ministries to reach out for employment

Benefit #3: Drive hands-off revenue for your church

By offering businesses and other churches the opportunity to list their job openings for a fee, you can create a source of income for your church. So your finances are not only carried on the shoulders of your members or donors, allowing for financial independence.

This hands-off revenue stream can help support your mission and initiatives that benefit your congregation and the wider community. It's a real win-win situation: other organizations gain access to a targeted job seeker audience, and your church benefits financially.

If you want to go a step further, you can offer advertising spots on your job board. Businesses and churches that advertise on your site are not just reaching potential employees but also demonstrate their support for the local community.

Benefit #4: Establish credibility as a community builder

As individuals seek employment through your platform, you have the chance to connect with them on a personal level. By offering assistance and support during their job search, your church becomes more than a place of worship; it becomes an authority on community support. As you establish credibility in this area, your reputation as a church that truly cares for its members and the community grows.

Having a job board can also open up opportunities for partnerships and collaborations with local organizations. As your church becomes known for its commitment to helping individuals find employment, other entities in the community may want to work together on initiatives.

This can further secure your church's standing as a valuable member and authority of the community, shifting from you a “taker” to a “giver”.

How to create a job board for your church community

Once you’ve decided that a job board is the right initiative for your church, this is how you can get started in building your very own job board.

  1. Identify the right job board platform: Research and choose a reliable job board platform that suits the needs of your church. This might include customization options such as a questionnaire to ensure faith-alignment of employer and job seeker.
  2. Design and branding: Create an attractive and engaging design for your job board that aligns with your church's branding and integrates with your website. Some great church job boards to take inspiration from are: New Wine Missional Agency, Renew Church Association, and Ohio Ministry Network.
  3. Curate faith-aligned opportunities: Reach out to local organizations and churches that share similar values with your church. Encourage them to post job openings on your board, targeting the faith-aligned talent you attract.
  4. Promote within your church: Spread the word about your job board during church services, through newsletters, and on your website.
  5. Provide more tools: It's important to remember that addressing unemployment is not just about finding a job; it's also about empowering individuals to develop new skills and enhance their employability.
    Leverage your community: who in your congregation can teach resume and job interview workshops? Is there someone skilled in personal branding, marketing, or business?

Creating a job board for your church or church association is not only an opportunity to address unemployment in your community but also a chance to make a lasting impact.

By sourcing faith-aligned talent, increasing member engagement, driving revenue, and building relationships, your church can become an influential force for good.