Instead of relying on generic job sites such as LinkedIn or Handshake, creating your very own career center can offer you and your students a competitive advantage—5 compelling reasons why your university should have its own job board.

Drive revenue for your school

Establishing your own job board can add a source of revenue for your school. You can easily sell jobs and candidate access to employers in your community and help fund your university’s career center.

It’s a real win-win situation: employers gain increased visibility and applications on their job or internship listings while your university generates additional revenue to support career services for students and alumni.

If you want to go a step further, your school can explore sponsorships and collaborations with local businesses to monetize the job board. By offering advertising spaces to select partners, your university can generate additional income while strengthening relationships with the local community.

Provide 40% more job opportunities to students & alumni

A university job board is a great way to foster meaningful career advancement for students and leverage your network of alumni for job opportunities.

With your own job board you have the opportunity to list roles that are relevant specifically to your students, such as local internships, entry-level or part-time jobs, and volunteer opportunities that provide hands-on experience to students. So they gain access to job listings that are tailored to their skill sets, career aspirations, and location.

This helps improve alumni engagement, provides a better end-to-end experience for your students, and drives more traffic to your school’s website. It also demonstrates your commitment to professional development and success of your graduates.

Build a centralized career hub

Your university’s job board serves as an full career hub, bringing together resources and services on one centralized platform.

And instead of going back and forth via email to schedule career fair booths and post jobs, a dedicated job board will reduce administrative time—for both employers and school admins. It also allows your university to collect payments and data easily.

The number one benefit of Niceboard is that it provides a central hub for our students and alumni to go to when they’re ready to look for an internship. Plus, it gives them access to more career resources, such as finding resume advice or looking for intern housing.
- Jeff Thornhill, Patrick Henry College

Beyond offering jobs and internships, your job board can provide career development resources to prepare your students for the competitive job market, such as:

  • resume-building and interview preparation resources
  • career related events calendar
  • in-person career fair coordination
  • career counseling services
  • alumni interviews and success stories

Having helpful career resources in one place makes it easier for students, employees, and your school to stay on top of career development.

Nurture relationships with local employers and businesses

Connecting students and alumni directly with local employers, your university will create a pipeline for internships, work-study programs, and job placements. This collaboration benefits both:

  • employers gaining access to local candidates, and
  • students having a direct path to career opportunities, that would be hard to find otherwise.

Plug and play job boards like Niceboard also allow for backfilling jobs from third-party job sites that fit your school’s criteria. This helps your job board look more active from day one and attracts suitable employers.

Partnering with local organizations can also inform universities about skills and qualifications that are in high demand in the current job market. This data can then be used to tailor the curriculum and training programs to meet the needs of employers, ensuring that graduates are equipped with the up to date skills.

Enhance your school's reputation

Your school’s commitment to graduates’ success in the job market improves the reputation of your institution. When prospective students see that your university has strong connections with employers and actively invests in students' career development, it becomes a compelling reason to choose your institution.

A well-curated job board can help in tracking the career progression of graduates over time. By collecting data on the employment outcomes of alumni, your institution can continuously improve your programs to better align with the current job market. Plus, you can highlight alumni success stories to demonstrate the value and quality of your educational programs.

By investing in a dedicated job board, your university, college or school empowers your students and alumni to succeed in the competitive job market and solidifies your position as a leader in education.