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Unlock the value in your community

Connect talent to employers and create a new revenue stream.

For your audience

Offer a delightful, relevant job hunting experience and help your audience with its next career move.

For employers

Allow employers to easily post jobs and proactively source talent from your community.

For your business

Create an automated revenue stream by charging employers to post jobs and access talent.

Create an automated revenue stream

Leverage the favorable economics of self-serve job boards.

Average job sells for


Revenue processed


Average jobs to profitability

2.2 jobs

Average time to profitability

1.5 mo

Estimate what you could make with Niceboard

= $3,225 per month


Use the best tool of the trade

We've refreshed age-old job board technology for the modern world.

Best in class design

Every detail of our job board is meticulously crafted for a delightful job search experience.

Dead simple administration

Niceboard's intuitive, no-nonsense dashboard makes customizing and managing your job board a breeze.

Tools to grow your business

With its SEO first approach and focus on monetization, your job board was engineered for profitability.

For customers big and small.

Find out how you can benefit from starting a job board.

Niche communities & creators

Create a new revenue stream from your audience, while offering relevant job opportunities.

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Display all job opportunities in your network in one centralized platform.

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SaaS companies

Sidestep the saturated content marketing space with a novel marketing tool: jobs.

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Staffing agencies

Gather all current opportunities in one place and automatically collect applicant data.

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Schools & Universities

Offer a centralized platform to display career opportunities for graduating students.

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VC firms

Display all of your portfolio company's job opportunities in one place.

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Powering hundreds of leading communities

View live customer job boards and experience the magic.

Superpath Your content career headquarters.

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PeopleOps Jobs Find cutting edge, next generation HR roles.

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Grow Cycling A worldwide marketplace for cycling careers.

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Thanks to Niceboard, we had a job board up and running in a tiny fraction of the time it would have taken to build from scratch.

A job board is really an e-commerce site and Niceboard makes it easy to start earning revenue quickly. It’s easy to use, easy to customize and is the cornerstone of our business."

Jimmy Daly, Superpath

We had seriously considered building a custom job board before finding Niceboard. That's a huge task by the time you consider Stripe integration, email subscriptions, back-filling job listings, etc.

Out of the box Niceboard has all the features we would have spent weeks building and testing, now we can focus on the sales and marketing side of building a job board.

Tony S, Co-Founder & CTO

I've found the support to be amazing. Bigger picture, the platform is easy to set up, easy to navigate, easy for customers to post jobs, and easy for job seekers to find jobs.
It does everything you need for a jobs board.

Ryan W, Ideation Lab

Niceboard was exactly what I was looking for: a ready made job board that looked nice and that I could have running out of the box, with my own domain, within an hour.

Amanda C, Founder

Niceboard is a great mix of clean, UI, ease of use, features and probably the most important factor for startups like mine - right price. While the front end is easy on the eyes and simple to navigate, I am really impressed by the backend. The inside of the tool is quite neatly laid out.

Aryan S, Director

Easy to use, great look, optimized for SEO well, and love how I could quickly get this connected as a main part of my overall website. Great experience so far and great support when I have any questions.

Todd K, Head of Marketing

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